Peter Kreeft

Audio Updates

Webmaster's Note

Why the $2 fee?
Since 2004 audio have been offered for free; however, a handful of them are now presented for $2. Why? Because the minimum fee allows far greater online distribution.

What About Those Who Can't Afford $2?
Some vendors offer them free by simply registering.  Also, if this doesn't work, contact us to request free copies.  In addition, dozens are available for free on YouTube.

A Word of Appreciation
Many people have written in to express appreciation for the audio.  Thank you!

I am strength in the midst of My people.  I will always show Myself mighty in a prayerful community of believers. 

If only you knew the power of your intercession, how it destroys the powers of darkness, for this is My gift, Heaven sent, an instrument of power I have entrusted to each of you.  There is nothing I won’t do when My people pray, for you join with the heavenly hosts in trampling the plans of hell. 

My will has its way wherever it is exalted and presented amidst the earthly realms.  Know there is nothing, absolutely nothing I won’t do in the prayers of the faithful.  Let go in your trust of Me and let Me into that situation that calls for My power. 

"Where two or three agree in my name, there am I with them."
Matthew 18:20